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Canister Vacuums from Vacuum Boutique

The regular canister vacuum cleaner works on a average of 12 Amps power usage. There are many models with less amperage and smaller high perfomance motors which can do the same job offering a better price. New types of technology can enhance the suction power and may add to the vacuums pricing, but this could be a desirable feature, while doing more efficient cleaning each time they are used. When looking for a primary vacuum, it's worth paying a little more to get the best overall performance for your home or office needs. Some lower amperage vacuum cleaners will be perfect as a secondary unit or as a primary vacuum for a smaller home and lite cleaning jobs.

Quality Features:

Canister vacuums from Vacuum Boutique are available in bag or bagless models offering features including HEPA® filtration enhancements. Filtration types, such as HEPA® or other types of enhanced filter systems can increase the price of a vacuum. These systems are recommended to improve the homes indoor air quality and can be worth the extra cost. Canister vacuums can be the most practical and functional type of vacuum for both carpets and bare floors. Performance on carpets will be greatly improved if the canister vacuum includes a power bar attachment.

Hoses & Attachments

The Canister Vacuums hose construction is often overlooked, but this component can be expensive to replace. The best hoses have a thicker outer layer to protect the inner core, though slightly less pliable than their cheaper counterparts. Some attachments are standard such as a crevice tool, dusting or floor brush. The addtion of a power bar and suction nozzle with a canister vacuum can add a few dollars to the cost. Construction and the design of the power bar or micro power bar can be great for cleaning stairs, curtains, car and furniture.

Canister vacuums offered at the Vacuum Boutique come from a wide range of pricing, some Miele canister  vacuums are under three hundred dollars.

Canister Vacuums from Vacuum Boutique meet the demand for more compact units, easier to carry and maneuver while providing quiet cleaning power for the home and office. Call us locally at 727-584-0532 or Toll Free  877-584-8884 then stop in to visit Today !
Canister Vacuums from Vacuum Boutique