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Check out the various Miele Canister vacuum models offered by the Vacuum Boutique

A Miele Canister Vacuum will give you mobility while providing a cleaner and heartier home or office. A sealed system providing HEPA filtration included or available as options on most models ! Canister Vacuums offer adjustable power settings and most  feature all the on-board accessories needed to make vacuum cleaning easy.

Cut your cleaning time to minimum, while doing a better job using the proper equipment. Canister Vacuums are made for different types of carpet, hardwood or tile flooring in your home and office.

The Vacuum Boutique has some of the best pricing on Miele Canister Vacuums in the state of Florida !

Shop on-line or call the store locally 727-584-0532 or Toll Free 877-584-8884 then come by to visit today !
Miele Canister Vacuums will give you the cleaner and heartier  home.  A sealed system for the best filtration.

Cut your cleaning time with proper equipment