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The new Miele S8 Canister Vacuum Cleaners just released are the Calima, Alize, HomeCare, Kona, Marin, and UniQ models, each with their own special features that allow the Miele s8 vacuum series stand out against the rest of the vacuums. The AirClean System HEPA Filtration keeps the engine free and clear of unwanted dust and particle buildup, allowing for a longer-lasting machine, in addition to keeping the air in your home cleaner by filtering out allergens and microns that can upset the respiratory system, especially in asthma and allergy sufferers. Miele vacuums decided that a major element of comfortable cleaning was a reduction in noise. The automatic rewind power cords are now three feet longer, the bumper guard has been improved, and the trim is chrome metal for enhanced looks.

When buying a new vacuum cleaner, it's smart to think about your personal home and office cleaning needs.  Something to consider would be: What exactly do I need? What types of flooring is in my home or office?  Which model offers the features that will work the best for me, a canister, upright or even a stick vacuum. What kind or warranty applies and the abillity for service and repairs when needed.

Always try the vacuum out before purchasing, to make sure it maneuvers easily while being as quiet as possible when in use. If you're looking for information about vacuum cleaners, read consumer reports for more informationr to get important facts. Use our vacuum cleaner buying guide listed below on our site to discover which features are most important to consider

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