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Upright Vacuums offered by Vacuum Boutique

Upright vacuums were origanally designed for using on carpets, Today, most upright models also provide different types of floor cleaning features.  The are easier to operate, there is less bending, and they can perform most vacuum cleaner duties with more than adequate suction power. For the budget, upright vacuums can be more economical for usage than a canister vacuum. Bagless models seem to be most popular.

The Vacuum Boutique has several types and models of upright vacuum cleaners to chose from, come into the store and try one before you make a purchase.

The upright vacuum cleaner however, can be more difficult to transfer to another part of the house. Things like moving them upstairs, vacuuming furniture, curtains or the car may pose a problem. Some upright vacuum models have a comfortable wand providing extended reach and retractable cords. When choosing an upright vacuum for bare floors, look for features that denote soft brush bristles and rubber wheels to reduce the risk of scratching the surface. There are many upright models that include improved performance for pet hair removal as well as filtration features. Look for these on-board accessories such as crevice tool, accesories for dusting and other wand attachments.

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